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Robert Keil was born in 1905 in Essen/Germany and died in the year 1989 in Vienna/Austria.
Based on his German Expressionism he created his own abstract language.
Surviving the social riots in the German "Ruhrgebiet" and Russian captivity he became a loner.
The power of his work was generated by the permanent fight between existence and God.
As an artist he was able to distinguish between the moment and eternity.
His prinicpal pieces of religious work which were all created without order were: "Der große Altar" and "Die Schöpfung".
The mediterrenean lightning conditions and the great influence of Tintoretto presented in his pieces of work are a result of extended trips, especially to Italy.
The examination of the nature was presented in his watercolor-cycles... "Erde" and "Wasser".
Further graphic creations made in this time were: ... the cycles "Genesis", "Fleur du mal", "Ordnung" and "Freude".
In his last creative period he was searching for Endlessness.
His prefered material in that time was clay and his favourite form was the circle.
His painted plates in an abstract way and each and every plate represented a microcosm.
Throughout his hole life Robert Keil always expressed himself literary as well. For examples in his distressing narration of his time in Russia (L. Bolzmann-Institut Graz - Univ.Prof. Dr. Karner).

Further detail you can find in his book.

1905 On the 25 of July Robert Keil ist born in Kettwig-Ruhr/Germany
1927-1928 Lessons with P. Willibrord Verkade and Sepp Kneer
1928 Studies in Vienna
1932 New residence in Italy (Rome, Florence, Ischia)
1937 Back in Vienna
1938 Trip to Hungary
1940 Drafted by the military service
1948 Returning of Siberian captivity
1949 Trips to Germany and Italy
1950 Educational trip to Italy
1953 Award of appreciation in Innsbruck (Graphics)
1953 Exhibition in Essen/Germany (watercolor paintings and drawings)
1956 Trips to Paris and The Netherlands
1957 Trips to the south of France and to Spain
1958 Collective exhibition in Vienna, Austria (Museum of applied Art)
1959 Journey to Stockholm, Paris and the south of France
1960 Collective exhibition in Essen, Germany (Folkwangmuseum)
1960 Trip to France
1961 Collective exhibition in the Maerklinhouse, Stuttgart/Germany
1962 Exhibition at Baedecker's, Essen/Germany
1962 Folder "Essen" orderd by the offices of Essen/Germany
1963 Journey to Sicily
1964 Trip to Istanbul
1966 Exhibition Folkwangmuseum, Essen/Germany (drawings and prints)
1967 Commemorative exhibition for Dr. Adele Kaindl, Künstlerhaus/Vienna
1968 Trip to Paris
1969 Trips to Belgium and The Netherlands
1969 Awarding of "Professor"
1970 Trips to Germany, Italy and The Netherlands
1971 Journeys to Rome and Florence
1971 Exhibition at the Joanneum, Graz/Austria (drawings and prints)
1972 Exhibition "Konfrontationen 1972", Vienna
1973 Exhibition at the "Belvedere", Vienna
1979 Exhibition at the IKC, Vienna
1989 March 9, Robert Keil dies in Vienna
1993 Presentation of the book "Robert Keil - Das graphische Werk", Böhlau-Verlag
1993 Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, St. Pölten/Austria
1993 Exhibition at the Museum of Vienna (Virgilchapel)
1995 Exhibition at the Diocesanmuseum of Vienna
2000 Exhibition at the Academy of Science and Art in Zagreb, Croatia (prints)